Generating Interstitial Ad Unit For Admob

Generating Ad unit ID for all the Ads i.e Banner Ad, Native Ad, Rewarded Ad and Interstitial Ad is similar. Follow the below steps to generate Ad Unit ID.


  • Click on App available on the left side of the dashboard of your AdMob account.
  • Then enter your App name and choose the platform.
  • After that click on Create Ad Unit there you will get four option i.e Banner Ad, Native Ad, Rewarded Ad and Interstitial Ad.
  • Select one by one and follow the steps in order to get the Ad Unit ID.
  • Suppose you have selected Banner Ad, then one window will open where you have to write Ad Unit Name this name will be anything, it is just for your reference.
  • After writing the name click on save button.
  • You will be redirected to the page which will give you Ad Unit ID which looks like ca-app-pub-0xx4570763xxxxxx/3326xxxxx. 
  • Click Done if you have finished or hit on Create Another AD Unit if you want to create the Ad Unit for other formats also.
  • For your reference, I have added some screenshot have a look at that.

  • This is how you can create Ad Unit Id for other Ads format also.
  • That's it for this Article.
  • Hope you liked the Article and it will help you in generating AdMob Ad Unit ID

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