Earning $250-$500 per Month From Google Admob


Many people searching on internet that how to make money online.
Google admob is one of the best way to make money online and it is 100% legit because of it is product of google  and we know that google never scam us.

People finding that how we can earn without working and money will be generating automatically how it is possible ? Yes it is possible. but there  are some conditions. because we  have to lost something to find something. so you need to make money on Admob
Following things you needed to make money

What is AdMob?
Before going into a big discussion on how to  earn from AdMob Self clicking, it is important that we know what AdMob is all about, who owns it and how it works.



Admob is used on Android and iOS apps. It allows app developers to monetize their apps by displaying in-app adverts from advertisers.
There are two major types of ads that can be shown on Admob. The two are banner ads and interstitial. App Developers can choose which format of ads that will be displayed on their apps.

As a developer, all you need to do is to create an app, login to Admob and create an Admob account we can help you create and  setup everything for you if you are no knowledge of coding.

Admob Self Click Trick 2019 Requirement

  1. An Android App
  2. Gmail Address 
  3. Get an Admob account setup and working correctly.
  4. App users
  5. Steps to Admob Vpn Trick

How does This Admob Self Click work?

VPN work on the principle of changing our own IP (internet protocol) to that of another country, you can check your designated country IP with Whoer website.
To successfully click on your own ads without getting caught AdMob self click trick 2019, you need to get yourself a strong VPN service app and I don’t guarantee anyone should do this with a free VPN service.

Check out few of the VPN you can use for AdMob self trick earning below;
  1. Cyber ghost VPN
  2. Vyper VPN
  3. Express VPN.
  4. Tunnel Bear VPN
  5. Hide my ass VPN.
  6. Windscrib VPN
  7. Turvo VPN
How much does Admob Pay per Click?Now that you are interested in making money from Admob self-clicking, an important thing you should know is the amount Admob pays per click so that you can calculate the feasibility and profitability of this business idea. 

Admob is powered by Google and the ads they serve are targeted by country; different adverts are shown to individuals living in different countries and as such different amounts of money are paid per click from different countries. Countries like Nigeria and India [/b]have a very low cost per click but don’t worry if you come from any of these countries with low cost per click; the trick I will show you will also help you to overcome that.

In the US and UK, cost per click varies from 1 US dollar to 5 USD depending on the adverts you clicked. If you convert that to Naira, it will give you like N350 to N1500 per click. As you can see, this is a cool promising business so keep reading to learn how you can make money from Admob.

Is It through that Google Sometimes Ban Account?

It is true. Clicking on your own ads is against Google TOC as such if they detect invalid activities on your account, they will ban the account but the tricks you will learn from this tutorial covers all the glitches that may prompt Google to ban your account. 

We assured you that you won't face any ban from google with our 100% trick we have been using it to cashout since last year uptill now.

What is Admob Payment mode, Minimum Payout and can I be paid with my Nigerian Bank Account?

This is another crucial thing you need to know because there are so many legit online businesses but their payment modes are usually not favorable to our Nigerian brothers but don’t worry because Admob is not like those online businesses. Google has been in existence for many years now and they cover almost every country.
If you sign up for AdMob as a Nigerian, you will be paid to your Nigerian bank account. Google pays 21st of every month and minimum payout is $100.  

How Can I Create Google Admob App for Self Clicking to Start Earning

Like I said earlier, AdMob is met for developers and to make money from AdMob you need an application but it is not necessary that you become a developer before you can build your own apps. You can actually pay a developer to create an android app for you if you don’t want to stress yourself with coding which we can do.

We can create higher CPC Android App link it to your Admob account and do all the necessaries things for instant earning at affordable price. This app is guarantee to be giving you minimum of 2$ above per click imagine you click four in a day on this app you will be earning 8$ above 8$ x 30days making $240 above for starting in a Month. 

I guarantee you this because not going to leave you immediately I sold this App for you, we have WhatsApp Group for our Premium member which I will be guiding them doing this time in order not to get banned from google Adsense a lot of premium App will also be sharing them, we also have Free Member Group, but there is limitation in term of assistance.   

How Much is this App?

This Application is very affordable which the price of creating App and everything N3,000 Only
We have A premium  WhatsApp Group for those that purchase this App which they will be added automatic Immediately they make payment There are lots of ideas and experiences to share with them there are tools to share with people who need, + investment on internet business including my premium tools, and Premium VPN key etc.

You may Ask;

Why not making it FREE of charge instead of this token amount? Okay if i give you this for FREE of charge, will you value it? NO. The reward for humanity is priceless and what you get for free is not valuable! Remember, i am making this offer available for few people who really know what they want and seriously interested in what we do for the living. It will also be one of my ways of giving back to the society.

The App is N5,000

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How to Order "Google Admob Self Click App"

Pay to Bank using the payment details disclosed below. You can pay by bank deposit physically at the bank or through your mobile phone (if you have mobile banking installed on your phone), or online with your ATM card. Use any of the payment options which is most convenient and suitable to you


Account Number: 2086595445

Account Name: Ezeme Kingsley O

After payment, send your payment notification in the following format -
( "Google Admob App", Depositor's name, AMOUNT PAID, email address, and phone number to- +2348166407934

Contact me on Whatsapp  wa.me/+2348166407934

Here are the proofs













Thanks for your time, see you soon

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