creating AdMob Interstitial Ads

Complete the following steps to create an ad unit for an existing app.


  1. Sign in to your AdMob account.
  2. Click the Monetize tab.
  3. Select your application from the All apps list on the left-hand side.
  4. Click + New ad unit.
  5. Click Interstitial.
  6. Provide the following details for the new ad unit:

  • Ad type: Choose the ad type(s) allowed for this ad unit. You can choose any combination of text, image, and video by checking the boxes. Checking all three boxes is recommended since unchecking some of the boxes might limit the revenue generated by the ad unit. Unchecking all of the boxes will result in an error. You must choose at least one ad type for each ad unit.
  • Frequency capping: Choose whether or not to set a cap on the number of impressions you want to allow to show to each user. Limits the number of times ads are shown to the same user per minute, per hour, or per day for a given ad unit.
  • Ad unit name: Enter a unique name and description that will help you find this ad unit later (e.g., Interstitial on level complete).

7.Click Save. You’ll see the ad unit ID for this ad unit.
8.Click Done to return to the Monetize tab or click Send an email with these instructions to have instructions sent to you via email.

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